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Dr. Annina Burns has teamed up with Path Fertility to guide you on your Path to parenthood.

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Dr. Annina Burns recommends Path

Path goes beyond the typical Semen analysis, leveraging modern science to help you create a Path to fertility.

People age at different rates. Now combine that with the fact that age impacts male fertility, and you can see why it is difficult for men to really understand the impact of age on their reproductive health.

Path shows you how your sperm is aging, and helps you understand the lifestyle factors that may be affecting your sperm age.

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We perform an epigentic analysis on your sample and provide your results in a secure pdf. We got this.

Let’s take this Path together. 

Dr. Burns, founder of Simplina™, will work with you to create personal functional medicine programs to optimize your fertility. 

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Age Affects Male Fertility.

For many reasons, men and women are deciding to try for children when they are older, but your biological age—the age your body really is—may not align with your chronological age (birthdate). Find out with this test! 

(The good news is with personal nutrition we can do something about it! Just book here to get started). 

Age 30: Male Fertility Begins To Decline
Age 36-37: Increased Damage to Sperm DNA
Age 45: Significant Decrease In Semen Volume
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