SpermQT™ takes a deep dive into sperm health.

SpermQT, or “Sperm Quality Test,” looks inside the sperm to examine the internal quality and function, to help plan next best steps in the fertility journey.

Sperm quantity does not equal sperm quality.

Having a normal amount of moving sperm does not mean the sperm are able to function normally. That’s where SpermQT comes into play.

SpermQT helps fertility doctors and patients gather more information about the sperm’s internal quality & function. And more information means less guesswork and fewer trial-and-error procedures.

Shed more light on the male side of the fertility equation with SpermQT.

We work with providers and patients at all stages of the fertility journey 


Start using SpermQT within your practice to guide treatment planning.


Learn more about how SpermQT can impact your path to pregnancy.

Convenient and Non-invasive

Patients can choose to collect their sample in the doctor’s office or at home with an easy-to-use kit. Samples are shipped off to the lab for analysis and results are delivered within 2-weeks – it’s as easy as that!

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Personalize the Path to Pregnancy 

SpermQT provides insights that are different from the standard semen analysis and DNA Fragmentation, guiding you to make more informed decisions on your fertility journey.


Used by fertility experts nationwide

Path Fertility is on a mission

RAISE THE STANDARD. We believe the path to pregnancy is a shared journey that deserves the best that science has to offer. Couples who acknowledge the unique biology of both the egg and the sperm can make more informed plans when trying to conceive. Path Fertility is on a mission to raise the standard of care in reproductive health, and in turn, help both patients and providers gain a better understanding of fertility potential.

What others are saying about SpermQT 

“The more you know, the better things will go. SpermQT helps my patients know more before their fertility journey.”

Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh – Eggwhisperer
Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility Specialist

“We now have a diagnostic that significantly improves the measurement of sperm quality. SpermQT provides the reassurance to move forward with natural or assisted conception.”

Dr. Alex Pastuszak
Male Fertility Specialist

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