A better path to pregnancy with Path SpermQT™

All too often, patients go through months – if not years – of timed intercourse and failed rounds of IUI when trying to conceive, only to eventually move onto IVF.

The goal of SpermQT is to get you pregnant faster by helping to identify the path to pregnancy that is most likely to succeed.

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SpermQT: A Different Kind of Sperm Test

The standard semen analysis looks at sperm swimming under a microscope. But sperm are complex and require more than a surface-level view. SpermQT looks inside the sperm, examining the internal function, more specifically the gene function of sperm.

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  • SpermQT provides sperm quality results as Excellent, Normal, or Poor 
  • 4 out of 5 men who had a “Poor” SpermQT result received a normal result on their standard semen analysis
  • Without SpermQT, patients may not know why they are facing fertility issues when trying to conceive, also referred to as “Unexplained Infertility” 
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For Patients with a “Poor” SpermQT result

Timed intercourse and IUI (intrauterine insemination) are statistically not the best options for those with a Poor SpermQT result. Studies show that IVF with ICSI* is most likely to lead to a successful pregnancy. In fact, there is no statistical difference in pregnancy rates when doing ICSI between Poor and Excellent SpermQT results. 

For Those Who Are Trying to Conceive

SpermQT is for any couple who wants to know more about the male partner’s sperm health.

Before Getting Started

SpermQT can help evaluate your reproductive health prior to starting your journey to conceive. 

Early in the Journey

SpermQT can guide couples to treatment options that are most likely to work.

Later in the Journey

SpermQT can help to rule out certain male factors in couples with unexplained infertility.

How it Works

SpermQT is an easy, at-home sperm test kit that ships directly to your home for a comfortable collection process. 

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Order SpermQT today

SpermQT is a physician ordered test. Don’t have a physician? Not a problem! The fertility experts at Posterity Health have you completely covered for no additional cost.

Simply click on the “Order Now” button to get going.

Test results are sent to your home

At home collection is easy and discreet.

Our kit ships directly to your home, with a prepaid shipping label to send your sample back directly to our lab.

A sample of DNA indicates sperm quality

Molecular analysis happens in our CAP/CLIA lab.

Sperm DNA is analyzed for specific DNA methylation modifications on genes specific for sperm function.

Sperm quality results are shown in a report

Get your SpermQT result in two weeks.

You will receive a phone call and email from Posterity Health when your results are ready, or from your own physician who ordered the test.

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SpermQT is Changing the Conversation

“A lot of infertility goes undiagnosed because men go undiagnosed. And when men go undiagnosed, women go through procedures that will not work.” -Dr. Kristin Brogaard, Chief Scientific Officer, Path Fertility

Parenthood will be full of surprises. Conception does not have to be. 

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Featured on the #1 Fertility Podcast—The Egg Whisperer Show

Path SpermQT was recently featured on Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh’s show, the Egg Whispherer Show. Watch here or listen on Spotify to learn more about how our advanced sperm quality test is helping couples to make more informed decisions about their family. 


How much does Path SpermQT cost?

At this time, Path SpermQT costs $385.

Is Path SpermQT covered by insurance or FSA/HSA?

At this time, we are currently self-pay only. However, if patients have an HSA or FSA account, they might be able to seek reimbursement from their plan. The first step would be for the patient to check with their plan; if the plan approves the expense, the patient can pay for a kit with their personal credit card and then submit a receipt to their plan for reimbursement.

Is Path SpermQT FDA approved?

This test is a Lab Developed Test under CAP/CLIA guidelines.

Are there any published papers about this technology and its performance?

We have written a white paper that is available for download and will have a peer-reviewed paper available soon!

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  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is a method in which a single sperm is injected directly into the egg.
  • Path SpermQT White Paper; Jenkins, Tim et al. “The impact of zinc and folic acid supplementation on sperm DNA methylation: results from the folic acid and zinc supplementation randomized clinical trial (FAZST).” Fertility and sterility vol. 117,1 (2022): 75-85. doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2021.09.009
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