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Path is the only sperm epigenetic analysis your patients can do from home.

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Why sperm epigenetic  analysis?

Cutting Edge Science

Our test goes beyond a standard semen analysis by examining epigenetic factors (DNA Methylation). 

Convenient For Patients

Our kit ships directly to your patient’s home, with a pre-paid return shipping label to our clinical lab facility.

Leave No Stone Unturned

Semen analysis looks at sperm concentration and motility, sperm epigenetics may be the missing piece.

Epigenetic Predicted Age (Sperm Age) is associated with pregnancy outcomes 

What does the data show?

Each year higher in age was associated with lower likelihood of live birth

Those with no live births included younger men who had older sperm methylome profiles (older sperm age)

First evidence for sperm methylation as a mechanism of age-induced poor reproductive outcomes

Read the publication

How we work with you and your patients

Your patients purchase a Path specimen collection kit

We’ll create a personalized webpage (for you and your clinic) where your patients can buy their kit at a discounted rate.

We handle the shipping and laboratory analysis

Pre-paid shipping with USPS for convenience and we’re analyzing the DNA (protected in the head of the sperm) no need for temperature control.

Get a sperm epigenetic analysis report in two weeks

Once your patient sends their semen specimen to the lab, the analysis is completed within 2 weeks and the report is sent to both of you.

Comprehensive and Personalized Report

Our easy to understand report includes:

Sperm Concentration: Reported in millions of sperm cells per milliliter

Chronological Age: Years since birth

Sperm Age: Sperm biological age calculation based on epigenetic biomarkers (methylation) on the sperm DNA

Lifestyle Assessment and Recommendations 

Alcohol Comsuption: Affects hormone production

Body Mass: BMI and recommendations

Cigarette Smoking: Can impact sperm count and motility as well as sperm epigenetics (methylation)

Diet: Impact and recommendations

Sex Drive: Affect on overall health and hormone levels

Sleep: Impact on fertility health and recommendations

Stress: GAD-7 anxiety test

Environmental Toxin Exposure: Recommendations

Chemotherapy: Impact on sperm production

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Our technology has peer-reviewed accuracy

How can Path accurately calculate biological Sperm Age (True Paternal Age)?

The predicitive model presented in the peer-reviewed publication shows the ability to assess “germ line age” by accessing sperm DNA methylation signatures at genomic regions affected by age. The data suggest that this model can predict age with a high degree of accuracy regardless of fertility status and with a high degree of repeatability. Additionally, the data suggests that the aging process in sperm may be impacted by environmental factors.

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What semen parameters are analyzed in your test?

Although our test focuses on epigenetic factors which may contribute to infertility, we also provide sperm concentration.

What type of analysis do you provide?

Our test looks at epigenetic factors (sperm DNA methylation) which may be contributing to male infertility and accelerated paternal age leading to poor reproductive outcomes.

How much does this cost my practice or my patient?

Referring patients for testing does not cost you or your practice anything. Your patients will get a $20 discount because they were referred by you.

Is this test covered by insurance or FSA/HSA?

At this time, we are currently self-pay only. However, if your patients have an HSA or FSA account, they might be able to seek reimbursement from their plan. The first step would be for them to check with their plan; if they approve the expense, they can pay for their kit with their personal credit card and then submit a receipt to their plan for reimbursement.

How do I get my patient's results sent to me?

When your patient completes their personal information form, they will write in your name as their referring physician and provide your email address. This allows us to release their results to you via email when they are ready.

Do you provide special partnership to high-volume fertility clinics?

Yes! Discounted pricing is available to fertility providers – please us the “contact us” link below for more details.

Is this test FDA approved?

This test has a general wellness intended use that is related to maintaining or encouraging a general state of health, specifically as it relates to sexual function. A general wellness product meets the following two factors, as identified in the FDA guidance: 1) is a product that is intended for general wellness use, and (2) present a low risk to the safety of users and other persons.

When can I start referring patients?

We can setup your referral page in about 2-3 days. Contact us to get started.

Are there any published papers about the technology and performance?

Yes, the technology and performance has been validated and published in a peer-reviewed paper that you can review by clicking here. A more recent paper in Nature Scientific Reports associated older sperm methylome profiles with poor reproductive outcomes. Click here to review the Nature paper.

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