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SpermQT (“Sperm Quality Test”) is an advanced sperm quality test that identifies male subfertility missed by the standard semen analysis. SpermQT looks inside the head of sperm, examining the gene function. 

4 out of 5 men with a Poor SpermQT result showed normal sperm concentration and total motile count (TMC) on a standard semen analysis.¹

Help your patients find the quickest path to pregnancy

SpermQT is for patients at the start of their fertility journey, as part of the initial male workup or for patients experiencing unexplained infertility.

Couples with a “Poor” SpermQT result are statistically less likely to have a pregnancy with IUI, compared to couples with a “Normal” SpermQT result. However, ICSI has been shown to overcome the sperm quality issues found with SpermQT.¹

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SpermQT in 3 Minutes

SpermQT at a Glance

  • SpermQT differs from DNA Fragmentation in that DNA Fragmentation analysis looks at chromosomal breaks and is recommended in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss, whereas SpermQT looks at gene function of the sperm and is most useful in the intial assessment of male reproductive health

  • SpermQT combined with a standard semen analysis can provide a more comprehensive analysis of sperm health¹

  • SpermQT identifies sperm issues that are missed by the standard semen analysis alone¹

  • SpermQT categorizes sperm quality as Excellent, Normal or Poor

  • SpermQT results have been correlated to IUI success rates¹

  • SpermQT is validated in over 2,000 semen samples¹‚² and is run in a CAP accredited and CLIA certified laboratory³

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How it Works 

SpermQT can be done with the Aliquot Kit in your andrology lab alongside the standard semen analysis, or with the At-home Collection Kit in the privacy of your patient’s home. 

Order SpermQT for your patient - download and complete a test requisition form.

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Fax: 385-800-8998

The SpermQT aliquot kit is convenient for your in-house andrology lab.

The SpermQT Aliquot Kit takes only a few seconds to perform in your lab, by sending a portion of the semen from the standard semen analysis to our CLIA certified lab.

The at-home collection kit is convenient for your patient.

The SpermQT At-Home Collection Kit ships directly to your patient’s home, with a prepaid return shipping label to our CLIA certified lab.

Receive your patient's SpermQT results in about two weeks.

The SpermQT report will be sent to you approximately 2 weeks after the lab receives the sample.

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