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Male Reproductive Health Education Matters

About once a year, young women go to the gynecologist for an exam that likely includes some discussion of sexual and reproductive health. Men, on the other hand, make do with a physical from their primary care doctor, if they bother to go. Men are 50% less likely to go to a doctor over a 2-year period than women, after all.

Women are taught from a young age about their biological clock. You have a window for maximum fertility, and you don’t want to wait too long, they are told. While men are told there is plenty of time. Don’t rush. It can happen when you are ready.

Except, we know more and more that it isn’t true.

That’s why we are here. We believe that men need the same education and guidance about their reproductive health that women receive.

We believe that when men and women are well informed about their biology, they can make informed plans for their future family. Deciding on when, or if, to have children is a big decision. Together we can make it an informed decision.

Path Fertility Team


Meet Our Co-founders

Andy Olson

Co-founder & CEO

With extensive experience driving the development and emergence of novel biotechnologies, Andy has previously focused on technologies that improved the diagnosis of rare genetic diseases in children as well as molecular diagnostics for infectious disease testing.

Kristin Brogaard, PhD

Co-founder & CSO

Dr. Brogaard focused her doctorate work on the development of a novel epigenetic technology that allowed for a more accurate understanding of the role of chromatin in the regulation of genes.  She later supported the launch and growth of Arivale, a revolutionary new wellness company that combines cutting-edge science, personalized data, and tailored coaching to help clients optimize wellness and avoid disease.

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