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Why Dr. Aimee recommends Path:

The impact of age on male fertility hasn’t received the same focus as its impact on female fertility.

People age at different rates. Now combine that with the fact that age impacts male fertility, and you can see why it is difficult for men to really understand the impact of age on their reproductive health. 

Path shows you how your sperm is aging, and helps you understand the lifestyle factors that may be affecting your sperm age.

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How It Works

Step 1: Order Your Kit

We’ll send you a discreet and easy to use kit in the mail with a full set of instructions. Simple.

Step 2: Return Your Sample

You collect your sample and send it back to our lab, in a pre-paid shipping parcel. Done.

Step 3: Analyze Your Results

We perform an epigentic analysis on your sample and provide your results in a secure pdf. We got this.

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Dr. Aimee Recommends Path

“I always tell my patients that if possible, I want them to get pregnant without my help. I want everyone to do all they can that’s in their control to improve outcomes before seeking more involved treatment.”

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    “I wish my patients knew their sperm age – this would be valuable to know in counseling men about current fertility issues or sperm banking for future fertility.”

    Dr. Paul Turek
    Male Fertility Specialist
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