Consent for Research Information

Last Updated: August 2021

InherentBio and InherentBio’s affiliates aim to make and support scientific discoveries and publish those discoveries in scientific journals. We invite you to take part in this research. By opting into research you must agree to the terms in our full consent document (below). Here are key points of that document:

How do I take part in research?

Which of my personal information is used for research?

Who gets to see my personal information?

How will I benefit from this research?

What are the risks of taking part in this research?

Can I stop taking part in InherentBio Research?

Full Consent Document

InherentBio is dedicated to make and support meaningful scientific discoveries by enabling its customers to participate directly in research.  InherentBio seeks your voluntary participation in InherentBio Research.

1. What am I agreeing to if I opt-in to research?

Giving consent by checking the appropriate box provided means that you agree to let InherentBio researchers use your Biological Data & Self-Reported Information for InherentBio Research. “Biological Data & Self-Reported Information” refers to:

Your participation in the InherentBio Research study is completely voluntary.

3. How will my data be used in research?

Your Biological Data & Self-Reported Information may be used to discover links between genetic and epigenetic markers, non-genetic markers, traits, diseases. 

4. How do you keep my data protected and private (whether or not I consent)?

InherentBio uses a range of procedures to protect the privacy of your personal information.  All data is de-identified prior to research.  The InherentBio researchers who conduct the statistical analyses do not have access to Registration Information (name, address, email address, user ID, password, or credit card) of customers.  All data published will be pooled and not linked to individual participants.

If you agree to this Consent Document, InherentBio can use your information in additional ways. Specifically, InherentBio researchers can use your data for research that will be published in scientific journals, or that is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and certain other organizations.

5. Do I have any alternatives? Can I withdraw from this study?

Your alternative is not to participate in the InherentBio’s research. If you do give consent to participate, you may choose not to take InherentBio any surveys or submit your biological sample.

You can withdraw from research at any time. However, any of your data that have already been entered into a study cannot be withdrawn. Please contact to be removed from all future research Choosing not to give consent or withdrawing from research will not affect the services provided by InherentBio or any InherentBio affiliates.

7. Who do I contact if I have questions?

If you have general questions and need help with InherentBio’s service, please contact: 

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