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What we analyze in your sperm sample.

  1. Volume & Concentration: Millileters (mL) of your entire sample and how many million of sperm per mL

  2. Motility: How your sperm are swimming which is necessary to reach and fertilize the egg

  3. Total Motile Count: How many sperm in your sample are swimming – result of multiplying sample volume, concentration, and motility

  4. Morphology: How your sperm are shaped

  5. Sperm Age DNA analysis: Your sperm DNA is then analyzed and compared to a large set of population data to determine your “true” age.

Next, you’ll answer questions about your lifestyle.

Your habits and experiences can change your health, your fertility, and even your DNA.

Understanding the answer to these questions is important to understanding what you can do with your Path results.

Do you smoke? How often?

How often do you exercise? What’s your diet like?

Does your work expose you to radiation or toxins?

Then input your family goals.

You, or you and your partner can think through your family goals, and you’ll receive a personalized family planning timeline.

When do you want to start trying?

How many kids would you like?

If you decide to change your goals, your Path timeline will change too.

Path Test Results

Path combines your sperm test results with questions about your life, and your goals.

Semen Analysis
Total motile count is regarded as the most important factor for male fertility.

Chronological Age
How many years since your birth.

Biological Age
Your sperm DNA test results will tell you how old your sperm is acting.

Personalized Timeline
We’ll combine your two ages with a timeline highlighting age associated fertility risks.

Layer in Your Lifestyle
Then we add in your lifestyle factors to help you optimize sperm health and reach your goals.

How We Compare

Path Fertility

  • Convenient: Provide your sample in the comfort of your own home

  • DNA Analysis included 

  • Low Cost: $199

Traditional Clinic 
  • Awkward: Provide your sample at the clinic in the room with the black leather couch

  • Doesn’t include DNA analysis

  • High Cost: Often more than $500

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Sperm Age Science

DNA methylation age prediction is possible from sperm. Check out the latest reserach from leading fertility researchers.

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“The more you know, the better things will go. Path helps my patients know more before their fertility journey.”

Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh
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“I wish my patients knew their sperm age – this would be valuable to know in counseling men about current fertility issues or sperm banking for future fertility.”

Dr. Paul Turek
Male Fertility Specialist
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