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Men Matter: Improving Male Fertility With Advanced Testing, Functional Medicine & Nutritional Solutions

Hosted by Annina Burns, PhD, RD & Kristin Brogaard, PhD
September 23rd, 2021 at 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST 


Men are 50% of infertility cases, yet they often get overlooked.

This free 1-hour webinar for men and women gives you the chance to know how to use cutting edge technology and functional medicine to get fertility care plans specifically for men.

Featuring molecular biologist Kristin Brogard, PhD Co-Founder of Path and nutritionist Annina Burns, PhD, RD, Founder of Simplina, both experts will share how advanced testing and functional medicine plans can help improve fertility odds for men and will answer your questions live during the webinar.


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Hosted by Fertility Experts

Aninna Burms, PhD, RD
Founder, Simplina

Annina Burns is the Founder of Simplina, an online functional medicine fertility practice for couples dedicated to using targeted nutrition and lifestyle medicine to improve sperm and egg quality. She works on addressing underlying health conditions to make sure couples have the best chance possible in a way that is practical/doable. Annina has a PhD from the University of Oxford, where she was a Marshall Scholar. She is the first PhD/RD certified in Functional Medicine in the world, and she has 9+ years of clinical practice experience. Outside of work, she loves swimming at the pool with her daughter and husband.

Kristin Brogaard, PhD
Founder, Path Fertility

Dr. Krsitin Brogaard has a passion for epigenetics and personalized medicine. Outside of work she loves to hike, cook, and spend time with her husband, two kids, and two crazy pups. She received her PhD in Molecular Biology from Northwestern University developing a novel epigenetic technology that allowed for single-base pair resolution mapping of DNA binding proteins genome-wide. She later supported the launch and growth of Arivale, a revolutionary new wellness company that combines cutting-edge science, personalized data, and tailored coaching to help clients optimize wellness and avoid disease.

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Learn more about the male impact on fertility

September 23rd, 2021 from 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

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Kristin Brogaard, PhD

Kristin Brogaard, PhD is Co-founder and COO of Inherent Biosciences, a molecular diagnostics company at the intersection of epigenetics and AI. Dr. Brogaard is an experienced molecular biologist, study director, and operations manager for early stage biotech startups. She received her PhD in Molecular Biology from Northwestern University developing novel epigenetic technologies. She subsequently worked with Dr. Leroy Hood, a pioneer in personalized medicine technologies, first as a post-doc and then as a colleague launching a novel scientific wellness start-up, Arivale. Dr. Brogaard has broad business experience that includes launching and scaling the health startup, Arivale. Additionally, Dr. Brogaard was the Director of Program Management at Arivale managing all strategic projects with a highly qualified team of program and project managers.

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